FrontDesk - The editor tool

FrontDesk benefits from being a local installed application because the user interface is not limited to the web browser environment and the constant reloading which occurs in traditional content management applications. Furthermore it improves workflow because of the faster and more responsive interface.

The self-maintaining FrontDesk application provides the people entrusted with the maintenance of a PowerNodes driven website with a unique and rich end-user experience.

Since the FrontDesk is a local application it succeeds in doing what most HTML driven editors fail to do - providing a user interface identical to the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Outlook). Recognizing the fact that Outlook is the preferred company tool, PowerNodes CMS looks and feels like Outlook. This flattens the learning curve for content providers and as such puts focus on the primary task at hand - creating, editing and maintaining content.

Why bundle a CMS in an application? Why not we asked!
The demands and needs for advanced editing tools are constantly growing as websites increasingly become more complex and requirements for user interaction grow. Having all this additional functionality in mind, PowerNodes does not rely on slow JavaScript to handle the editor experience, but rather on a powerful compiled environment.

A self-maintaining client update mechanism
The FrontDesk application is self-maintaining. If a developer updates the website either by adding new features or creating new modules, FrontDesk will automatically fetch the correct client side logic from the relevant PowerNodes central file archive making the deployment totally transparent. Should an editor maintain multiple websites all running different versions, FrontDesk is smart and versatile enough to allow multiple versions of itself to exist side by side and will automatically start the correct version for a website when a connection is being established.